Gujarat goes green with solar panels on Narmada Canal

The small Indian state in the west side of India sharing its borders with Pakistan, Gujarat is promisingly developing and its Chief Minister, Mr. Narendar Modi is doing a very commendable job. The Janmarg BRTS and the GSRTC Volvo Wifi buses already being hit projects, now joins one more in the line – The state now generates electricity from solar panels laid atop the Narmada Canal.

Solar panels in Gujarat

The solar panels are being laid atop the Narmada branch canal near Chandrasan village of Mehsana’s Kadi taluka, around 75 km from Ahmedabad.The Gujarat State Electricity Corporation Limited (GSECL) will install these solar panels for about 1 km over the Narmada Canal for generating 1 MW of solar power. The engineering, procurement and construction contract for the project has been awarded to Sun Edison at a cost of Rs17.71 crore. In traditional solar energy plants, the solar panels are laid on the land and in this unique method, the solar panels will be covering the canal. This project is believed to have the following uses-

1. The electricity is generated from renewable solar energy and hence it is clean and environment friendly.
2. Since the canals are covered with solar panels, there will be no explicit need to acquire lands to install the solar project.
3. The water evaporating from the canals will be reduced as the canal will be covered.
4. The power generated will be supplied to villages alongside the canal, which will lead to lower transmission losses.

What was dismissed as an outlandish announcement by chief minister Narendra Modi is turning into reality. Hats off Mr. Narendra Modi

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  1. Tribhubanjit Mukherjee says:

    Tremendous innovation. It will partially solve energy crisis as well as check evaporation loss and seepage loss from canals.Bravo Narendra Bhai it is you who show the world what a CM can do if determined for development of the state. Pranam,Namaste to Narendra Modiji. The other CM including our should incorporate this idea .

  2. sachin deshmukh says:

    Tremendous innovation.

  3. Alkesh Patel says:

    Great idea sirji

  4. Aneesh says:

    Great idea, but i feel the panels should have been placed at a height above the surface, in this case if there is a overflow of water, the solar panels run a risk of getting submerged and thereby developin faults

  5. alok says:

    Subsidized or forced solar electricity putting load on public or energy consumer’s money is ultimate wastage in this poorest nation as it costs unaffordable Rs 17 per kWh at present and is unethical electrified areas. Self financed, unforced spv and csp projects not putting load of its energy cost on others can be allowed. First use free infinite solar heat, steam and light, about 2400 times of our current energy consumption, directly and not as electricity. A solar cooker gives energy equal to one red lpg cylinder in Rs 50, one liter of kerosene in Rs 3.25 and one kWh electricity in Rs 0.25 as a 4 pot box type solar cooker of Rs 1850 can save 30 to 40 cylinders of LPG in its life. 16 lac units of energy given by 1 MW canal top project of Rs 18 crore can be obtained by 2000 solar cookers of Rs 40 lac crore without any need of subsidy and finances.125 crore such solar cookers 4 per family of 4 can be used in India. I am unable to understand why everybody is praising solar electricity and nobody is opposing it even its being the complete wastage of money and why we are not using infinite free solar heat, light and steam directly without opting solar electricity route in this country marred by scarcity of finances and energy. Only god knows. Come on Indians get my point.

  6. Ravi says:

    Please give me suggestion for the design of solar panel on the narmada main canal.(with respect to civil,social,economical,Design)

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